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A small Estate nestled among the granite outcrops in the pastoral lands surrounding Kyneton.

We are bee-friendly flower farmers and artisanal wine makers. We farm our florals + vines ethically and sustainably without harmful chemicals to produce perfumed old-world Roses + Peonies and premium Sparkling Wine for local hatted restaurants + florists + designers + weddings + elopements + events + private gatherings + styled shoots.


We are just an hour north of Melbourne. We love to supply our produce locally because it keeps our sparkling-flower-miles down and helps promote and strengthen the benefit of collaboration for small business + artisanal agribusiness and agritourism in regional communities.



Sitting 541m above sea level in the heart of the Macedon Ranges Granite Country, Crofters Fold is cool-climate terroir. In 2012, after moving to the property, we took time to settle in and learn about our new soil (granitic), rainfall (medium) and micro climate (cool + frosty + hot + windy).


Our four Highland Cows and eleven Black-Faced Suffolk Sheep graze peacefully adding manure to our soils. We chip weeds manually and leave them to decompose as a natural source of nutrient. We care for our waterways, protect our native landscape and embrace the seasons.

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We cherish rain water, make our own compost and work with Nature by companion planting to attract biodiversity,  repel pests, attract beneficial bugs like bees, lady bugs and prey mantis, suppress weeds and add nitrogen to improve and sustain the health of our soil.

Meanwhile, our two kelpies, Mudgee + Magoo, help protect us from pesky 'flower-thieves' and 'grape-grabbers' like kangaroos, possums, parrots, cockatoos + rabbits.

Crofters Fold Estate is for flourishing souls.

We invite you to enjoy our bubbles + blooms.

Danielle + Ashley x

A 'crofter' is an old Scottish term given to someone who ekes a living off a small parcel of land.

A 'fold' refers to both a small holding for grazing cattle + sheep and a fold in the hills.